Your site. Your way. Your peace of mind.

We work with you to set up project governance structures, engage all your stakeholders and ensure smooth, customised delivery over six stages:

  1. 1 Analysis
  2. 2 Planning
  3. 3 Design
  4. 4 Build
  5. 5 Launch
  6. 6 Support

1 You & ours

We’ve extensively researched the ways people use trust websites, and we use those insights to assess and improve your website content. These data are combined with interviews with your stakeholders that clearly establish your trust’s needs and goals.

Understand how we map your next steps, together.

Learn more: Analysis

2 The three-part plan

We start with mapping the information architecture. We’ll test how this way of organising information meets user expectations, so your site can be optimised early in the process. Content workflows are established alongside tasks and timelines, leading up to a smooth launch date.

We take care of the details, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Learn more: Planning

3 Design with an eye towards function

The look and feel of your site influence how your audience interacts with it. We’ll combine best practice with what we learn from users during testing to deliver a design that works. And all in line with NHS style guidelines for digital services. Need a brand refresh while you’re at it? We can do that, too.

Looking good can be this easy.

Learn more: Design

4 We do the heavy lifting

This is where it all starts to come together. We build, customise and configure Wagtail, taking all that planning to make something you can put your hands on. Copywriting, content entry and content migration are completed during the build.

What will we build for you?

Learn more: Build

5 Going live

The countdown to going live includes migrations, redirections, security and content checks, and accessibility and penetration tests. If that sounds like a lot to coordinate, don’t worry. Our experts tick all the technical boxes, so that lift-off is smooth.

See how we prepare you for launch.

Learn more: Launch

6 Support for as long as you need it

Your site will be securely hosted on our specially designed AWS public cloud infrastructure. In addition to hosting, our ongoing support includes updates, additions and even development of new components.

We’ll be there when you need us.

Learn more: Support

Optional add-on services

Depending on your service needs you can choose to buy some additional professional services, for example an accessibility audit, content migration, penetration testing, load testing, copywriting and branding.

Need something else?

Learn more: Add-on services

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